LMI Ministry Results

Since entering the ministry on a full-time basis in 1996, Len has seen the results of God at work in this ministry. Through December 2019 God has provided:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2019      1996-2019

~ Professions of faith/assurances in Christ                                            838           22,730

~ % of those who had heard the Gospel that professed                       59.9               54.2

~ US and internationals lightly trained to share thier Faith                       15                766

~ Local Northeast Florida residents trained to share their Faith                6                406

~ International pastors and leaders certified to teach Evangelism           76             1,963

As of 2019, Len Ministries has preached in 21 nations and has taught 89 5-day intensive evangelism schools in 20 of those nations.

Len Ministries has a vision to win the lost to our Lord Jesus by equipping ministry leaders to win souls and to train soul winners.
Ministry Results Click here if you would like to see the detail of each year’s ministry effort.