“Len Ministries Has Impacted My Life…”


Edith H. – During the training, initially, I was nervous about talking with non-Christians about their faith, yet I know that Christ commands us to share His Good News. In the past I have tried to witness, but did not have the “tools” to ask a person to commit their life to Christ. I began the 13-week class in September. Our training included scripture, evangelism materials, and homework. After the teaching portion of the class we participated in on-the-job training – sharing the Gospel in public places. Our trainers took the lead for about 4 weeks, then, those of us in training gradually shared more and more of the Gospel outline each week. During the final weeks of training, we were sharing the Gospel completely. Personally, I have seen nearly 20 people receive Christ as Savior within the past 3 1/2 months. Through much prayer, study, excellent teachers, and the on-the-job training, I have become more comfortable in sharing my faith. (December 2016)

Kent N. (UCI) – The evangelism class changed the way I thought about salvation by allowing me to witness to others. I shared the Good News and prayed with those who would listen or were in need. About ten souls were saved by my witness about Jesus and eternal life. The most important thing I’ve learned was trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life is the only way. (September 2015)

Daniele Y. – I got in contact with LEN Ministries in 2006 when Pastor Len Showalter and his delegation first came to Cameroon with my brother Guy Landry who is a pastor in Russia. At that time, as I remember, when in contact with EE in practice, I was not very sure I was saved when I was first asked the two diagnostic questions. Later on, I went through the EE outline in Eldoret Kenya in 2007, as trainee and also interpreter. I learned a lot. I got in practical relationship with the Gospel of grace. I learned especially that Heaven was not earned not deserved, and we were saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone to receive eternal life. Since then my heart is burning to share the Gospel especially as I now have a convincing tool.
I have been intervening in the training of Len Ministries in Africa since then, in Kenya and Burkina Faso. For the moment, I am in charge of organizing those who were trained already and following up the souls that were won to Christ during the training on the field. I am very grateful for Len Ministries who made this impartation possible for me. (January 2015)

Jessie N. – Through this class I have learned to not be afraid to talk to people and have realized the importance of overcoming fear and sharing this essential and urgent news with others. In the class I experienced many coming to put their trust in Jesus Christ alone for their eternal life; some through me and some through the trainers. One specific night that I will never forget and which spurs me on to continue sharing, was when I met 2 young ladies. After starting a conversation with them, I shared the
gospel and both girls put their trust in Christ. This was one of the first times I had led someone to the Lord and it was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. (December 2012)

Leanne M. – This course is exactly what I needed. It forcred me to do on the job training, which is completely out of my comfort zone. It gave me the necessary tools that I will use for the rest of my life, to share the Gospel with anyone God places on my path. This course and the Holy Spirit have given me the confidence I needed to share my faith and His story in my life to others. I highly recommend this course for all who want to learn how to tell the Good News according to God’s Word, in truth and in joy. (December 2012)

Christina R. – This class has helped me overcome fear and feelings of awkwardness in starting conversation with people I do not know. Before this evangelism class, I had trouble initializing conversation and then transitioning to sharing the Gospel. However, this class equipped me to learn how to transition not only into the Gospel, but also transition into the different, important aspects of the Gospel. Additionally, this class helped me get over some of my own feelings of awkwardness as I would experience people who were receptive and open to talking to complete strangers, and also ready to receive the Good News! Not everyone would want to talk to us of course, but the more I would go out to share, the bolder I became, and my confidence started to grow through the Holy Spirit. (December 2012)

Liza N
. – My prospective on the training classes is that I was amazed how easy it is to share the Gospel with people. The format that you were teaching is really so simple and can be applied to any person! Knowing the format has made me more confident in sharing the Gospel because I know all the main points that need to be told to the people and again i can’t say enough how simple it is! Also it opened my eyes to just being able to approach all kinds of people, not just people I’m used to talking to, but being able to talk to people of all ages and background and be more open minded, because everyone needs to hear the Gospel! (June 2012)

Paul M.– My personal walk with the Lord has been impacted positively while taking this class. I have learned to listen to God’s voice through His Holy Spirit to speak with those individuals that I felt awkward or fearful prior to taking this training. My understanding of compassion, love, and grace is rolled all into one when I begin to share the free gift of eternal life with teh lost. It sets new standard in your walk with the Lord to continually share the Gospel with those around you. (May 2011)

Kelly D.– If I had to sum up my experiences with this ministry into one work that work would be – unforgettable. I have learned many valuable things and have had some really great experiences that I will never forget. I would most definitely encourage anyone who has a heart for ministy to enlist. (May 2011)

Richard (UCI Inmate) – In my almost 42 years as a Christian and the earning of three Master Degrees from Luther Rice Seminary, this program is the best I’ve come across or used! Why? It is unoffensive in its presentation. There’s a good transition from one part to the other. Without the skeleton, the body would fall apart – hence, when sharing the Gospel there’s order and reason. The possibilities are numberous in the ways it can be applied. I would encourage every Christian to take this course – period! (December 2010)

Pastor Peter Wekesa – Your ministry is the best thing that ever happenned to me in the recent times, I was really struggling to see my church grow, i had a great zeal and did many things, including early morning open air meetings; lunch time indoor meetings and evening crusades plus the unigue night crusades the ones i call  ‘Nicodemus night’ crusades. With all this hard labour my hardships were never reduced.
I had never discovered that zeal without knowledge is frustration. till when i met Rev Elvis Situma who had been trained by LEN ministries, This man introduced me to a better way of doing things, Because of the great passion for souls I jumped on what Len ministries was offering like a hungry mad man. After I trained with my ten leaders we told the whole church like Philip did to Nathaniel “come and see’
This marked the turn around in my ministries, I now use so little efforts and see great results. Now I am not just a tree planted by the rivers but also a prunned tree that bears much fruit. I confess that before meeting LEN ministries I was a dersert tree, I was not living but just surviving, Merely existing, Now My Life and ministry has blosoomed.

I lived to pray that I will come in contact with the many of the vision, Then in the month of August this year I saw the man, The fire on his life, the passion on his heart, the urgency on his pace, and the tear on his eye just sent me flat.

It was the best thing to work alongside him in the clinics he contacted in Uganda and kenya. He is a contentious man, He impacts and spreads himself in anyone he comes in contact with, so i caught the ‘holy flue’ the passion, the cry for the lost. this burned in me like fire. The fire on him caught hold of me. Since LEN left until now, every week in my church has been a EE week, every day a EE day and every hour a EE hour.
Because of this we have more new faces than old ones. The Sunday with the least number of new members was that with 43.
What God promised in malachi is happening to us but this time round with souls, There is abundance harvest that we have no room enough to hold.
Because of this we declared a 14 days prayer and fasting at the beginning of this month, that God may give us land and a big storehouse to take in the harvest.
Thank you Len and your staff, Thanks you, thank you, thank you very much.
Thank you for being our friends. (September 2009)

Pastor Wali Hannington 
– Yes man of God the EE clinic was so influentual than just atraining it turned my attitude towards soulwinning and I’ve gotten anew dimension in ministry. Through orientation alone  the church enthusiastically recieved the training and everybody desires to be turned into asoulwinner. I wish we got this earlier but I take heart that we’re not late for change comes anytime in life. We will pray for your journey to ecuador salute the brethren there, tell them to acknowledge God’s visitation to the church to transfer the alter from inside church to reaching nations, Iwish I were there to demostrate to them what Igot at EE training in eldorem. God bless you as you move on. (September 2009)

Pastor Guy Landry – This did two things in my life:
1. It was my first trip to lead out a mission team. The need to continue to grow in leadership was obvious for me in all the areas of this trip. I have the desire to do it again. mostly because it was a teaching with the power of transforming not just pastors but the society for Christ. The time is short and EE is a great tool for revival.
2. This is the first mission trip in which I have seen so much results. A lot of people came to church after the clinic showing that God was doing something great. The pastors of the community came together and decided to work together for the salvation of Eldoret, Kenya. That was deep. Tthe fire in me for the lost is now more intensified. I am very happy to be part of a revival with  LEN Ministries. (August 2008)