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Plans are underway for a 5-day evangelism seminar:*

        Dates                             Location             Scheduled          Price
February 22-26, 2021    Jacksonville, FL     *locked*          $350

Len Ministries is available to teach a 5 day intensive hands on class on evangelism in the 21st Century. We teach a finite approach to the post-modern generation with results averaging better than 35% professing Jesus Christ as Lord! Registration costs are typically $350 per person which includes meals and material for the class.

This class is designed to equip pastors and leaders who in turn will equip others as written in 2 Timothy 2:2. LMI is prepared to empart vision and expertise to accomplish winning your city for Christ.

*Please contact the ministry office for registration as there are limitations to the number that can be trained at one time.

Len Ministries works with several ministries and trains people to go into prisons to minister to those behind bars. One ministry effort involves weekly discipleship in two areas: evangelism and additions. Ministry is accomplished in a 90 minute window each week. All applicatants must be Department of Corrections certified.  Another ministry effort is with the Kairos Ministry International. This is a semi-annual event that requires pre-entry training.

Please contact the ministry office for any interest in participation.