Traveler Information

This page is for the Prospective LMI Traveler

Welcome to one of the greatest adventures of your life!

There are several things that need to be accomplished by you that will allow you to make this trip with the team.  These necessary steps will insure that you have a wonderful trip and that you are as prepared as possible.  Please find detail sheets attached to various point below that will explain these events even further. (Just click the item listed below.) **Note: traveler costs may increase, the later a commitment is made to travel.

      1. Acquire a valid passport and bring to the first meeting.  Have two additional passport photos for Visa application if needed. Go to www.TRAVISA.COM to check for entrance and exit requirements. Most countries require six months remaining on your passport from the expected return date. *Note: some nations require Letters of Invitation; therefore, if needed, complete the Invitation Information form prior to the first meeting.
      2. Secure a detailed trip itinerary, and request the time off from work.
      3. Get immunized/vaccinated for the nation to be visited. Check immunization updates at CDC Gov’t Destinations and Immunizations
      4. Purchase medicines for the trip. Notify LMI of any preexisting medical conditions and sign the “Liability Release Form” releasing LMI. 
      5. Purchase travel/trip insurance as needed. (i.e.: Allianz Travel Insurance)
      6. Acquire Pastoral Consent.
      7. Prepare and mail “Request for Support” letters approximately 60 – 90 days prior to departure.  (Prior to mailing the letter, bring a sample with you to the meeting for review).
      8. Turn in all funds collected by scheduled dates.
      9. Notify Airline of any Frequent Flyer accounts. Also check with the airlines for any luggage restrictions. Additionally, check with the Transportation Security Administration for carry-on luggage restrictions at
      10. Attend all meetings of the traveling team.
      11. Secure two prayer partners, & itemize a listing of e-mail addresses you wish to have contacted while you are abroad.
      12. Agree to and sign the “Code of Conduct” form.
      13. Prepare to receive work assignments while here and abroad.
      14. Be flexible.

Along with accomplishing the above in a timely manner, praying is very important.  Find a personal prayer partner that will begin praying for you, the team, the trip, and our ministry in the other nation.

Len Showalter