I am so glad that you logged in! And I am so glad that you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Hopefully, this will give you a place to come and connect with me and continue your new walk. I will be posting various topics that should help with direction and growth. There are five things that are basic, but important, that all Christians should be doing:
1) Read God’s Word written to us as recorded in the Holy Bible. I always tell people to start in the Book of John as it is God’s Love Letter to us. Do you have a Bible? What is the translation? Yes, there are some translations that are better than others. Just ask and I will help.
2) Pray. Just talk to God, just like we talked to each other. When and how much? Just do it like you do to your best friend. It can be out loudly, or quietly, or silently. Just talk to Him. He hears you and wants to talk.
3) Worship in a church that teaches the Word of God. This may be your family church. Or, if you do not have a family church, I will be glad to refer you to one. It may be a home church, like the one I have. Just let me know and I will help as I know some good ones.
4) Fellowship with other Christians. Hang out and have fun. Good clean fun. Laugh. Do things together. You will learn to see and hear the Lord speak through them.
5) Tell others what great things God has done for you and that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. I can help with some training that you might feel that you need so that you can be comfortable with sharing your new faith with others. Just let me know.

What next? I want to know how you are doing. Or, if you have questions, you need to share with me your contact information. Or, you can check back later to see if I have any new posts here for you. OK?

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