What We Do

Equipping saints for the work of the ministry

Love teaching and equipping God’s people for the work of the ministry.

Pastor Assistance
Assistance to the local church is available whether for special teachings, revivals, events, or pulpit coverage. Consultation for improvement of “seeker” effectiveness is also available.

Domestic Personal Evangelism Training
In the United States, Len Ministries offers much needed personal evangelism training to Churches, Ministries, and Individuals.

Equipped as an Evangelism Explosion teacher/trainer and planter, with ministerial training and pastoral experience, Len Ministries is well able to assist you. Each fully trained student will be equipped to fulfill their God given commission of presenting the Gospel in a clear, concise, and appealing manner. The goal of this one-on-one evangelism is to convert the hearer of the gospel into a believer in Jesus Christ, and then have them assist in training others.
Training options vary from a several hour short course in sharing the Gospel with a track to multiple intensive 13 week semesters of lecture, on-the-job training, and feedback reporting. Graduates of the intensive course are most often utilized as mentors/trainers to teach evangelism to others, in visitation teams to new visitors of your ministry, and as missionaries to foreign nations. The results of these evangelistic efforts are the fulfillment of our greatest commission, training of your leadership, and growth to your ministry.

Evangelism Semesters In Your Church
A 13 week training session in Evangelism Explosion (EE) to be taught by Len Showalter or another certified Teacher/Trainer in his absence. A certified teacher will teach two or three students/trainees once per week. Each weekly class consists of a one hour class time, followed by a one and one half hour practicum, and concluding with a one half hour report meeting. A student/trainee is certified upon the satisfactory completion of the semester.

Consecutive 13 week training semesters are needed to ensure stability in the local evangelism ministry. A typical church might need 6 semesters (two years) to be well founded. This time frame would allow for local evangelism leadership to be identified and trained. Gradual transfer of the detailed workload for the proper establishment of the local ministry would occur. Recommendation – For the best assimilation of evangelism into the local church it is necessary that the Pastor attend a 5 day Clinic within the first 12 months.

Short Term Mission Trips
Short term mission trips (typically, one or two weeks in length) are available for those that have been certified as a trainer. Under proper guidance, teams can be taken into an open nation to conduct an evangelism clinic. At the clinic 20-40 local pastors or key lay leaders will be certified as Teacher/Trainer for their individual church. Opportunity to develop sister church relationships occur at such clinics. Crusades are often done in conjunction with an evangelism clinic. (See the “International Ministry” tab for more detail.)

Prison Ministry
Various lifestyle discipleship classes and evangelism training are being offered to prisoners at Union Correctional Institution at Raiford, FL. Department of Corrections approval is required. Teachers are needed to equip prisoners on a weekly basis. A secondary entry method also used is the international Kairos ministry. Semi-annual four-day events are held and subsequent one day per month follow-up meetings are arranged to ensure responsible discipleship of inmates.

Home Church/Bible Study
Weekly Bible study and home church is held at the ministry home/office. The format includes fellowship, worship, Bible study, offering, and prayer. The overall ministry lasts about 3 hours and is structured after the first century church as illustrated in the book of Acts. All are welcome.

Ministry Results

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